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Create New Designs

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Anyone who has been given appropriate design permissions has complete flexibility in designing their Edline webpages. They can create the layout and look of the whole page, as well as set the design properties for any part of a page.

Before you create a new website design, we suggest reviewing other websites to get an idea of what you are trying to accomplish. Pay particular attention to menu navigation, and what types of sections you want available in your website. As you look around the Internet or at Blackboard’s sample designs, make decisions about the following attributes of your new design so you can set the properties for your website:

  1. What layout do you want for your home page? How many columns or sections?
  2. What colors will you want in your website and where do you think you will want those colors used? Which colors should be in the background, what colors do you want for the headers or body of the text? Will those colors be used in all your webpages?
  3. What type and size of fonts do you want? Will those fonts be used in all your webpages?
  4. Do you want your page centered and do you want icons next to items in a list?
  5. Do you want a header image across the top to appear on all sub-pages of the site as well as on the homepage, or do you prefer a different header for the individual school homepage?
  6. Do you want a large picture to be the focus element of the homepage, filling all columns, or a smaller picture located in one of the columns?
  7. Where do you want your main navigation menu located? On the side, on the top?
  8. What elements do you want specifically on the school homepage and what elements do you want shared on all pages of your website? Shared elements might include the font style, colors theme, footers, headers, and menus. Elements specifically on the homepage might include a message from the principal, teacher spotlight of the week, or a larger slide show of school pictures.