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Manage Design Page

Open the Manage Design page by selecting Manage Design from the Tools menu from your district or school homepage. You will see three tabs of designs — the Default Designs, Current Page, and Templates.

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Manage Design Page — Default Designs Tab

  • The Default Designs tab contains the designs that schools and districts can setup as the default designs for your website, such as the homepage, class page, group page, folder, or document design you should create as the default designs for your website. The Default Designs are meant to be the starting design for particular webpage types. If you choose to create a variety of sub-page designs, the order they are listed on the Manage Design page is VERY important to the design of your website. The designs listed first on the Manage Designs page will be applied first. Any additional designs applied will overwrite any opposing or differing styles from the first applied design. The properties set in the design that is listed LAST on the Manage Design page will have the highest priority and will trump all other settings.
  • The Current Page tab contains the designs set only to the specific page you have opened. Any changes you make on the Current Page tab affects only that page and no other designs.
  • The Templates tab contains templates your district or school has created for webpages, or templates provided by Edline designers for your district.

The Manage Design page provides a “sandbox” environment, where you can experiment, create new designs, and update designs. When you open the Manage Design page, the name of the group you are editing (district, school, class, or other group) will appear above the tabs.

Next to the list of designs are two check boxes — Live and Include during Edit/Preview. Select Include during Edit/Preview when updating designs. This option allows you to test properties set in several designs at once to see how the designs interact together before making them live. This option also allows you to show a variety of designs to others at your school while still in the design phase.

The “live” design is visible to the public. When you are finished configuring your designs and you are ready to make them public, select Live. The Applies to Page Type(s) column lists the different types of pages that will include the design settings. You can change the page type for the design by highlighting the design, clicking the Edit button, and changing the page types in the dialog that appears.