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Create Sub-Page Designs

The information included in this topic show examples of a group page design for a school, but district super users who want to make designs for their sub-page types that are different from the Edline defaults should also read this topic.

Multiple sub-page (classes, groups, documents, and folder) designs are NOT required for districts or schools, but Blackboard recommends creating them (especially if you are planning to change the width of your website then you will need to enter the width change in each page type). The Edline sub-page default layouts are pre-set, however, you may want to create different default layouts or specific styling designs for any of your sub-page types. For example, you may want all your pages to have certain fonts or colors but you want your class pages to have a special box in the left column and your group pages to have a special border. You can set the same fonts and colors in each of the class and group page design, and then adjust the class page design with the special box in the left corner, and the group design with a border.

It is best practice to begin your design with the All Pages default design, and then create any unique sub-page designs for classes, groups, folders, or documents. The changes you make for your specific sub-page will be displayed on that page-type only — not on any other page.

If you only want to change one specific class, group, folder, or document page, such as the opening page to your Athletic Department or Media Center group page, you can change the page directly. You would open that group page, and from the Tools menu, select Manage Design and Edit the design from the Current Page tab, similar the Create a Homepage Design topic. The changes made on one specific page, would NOT change the default design for all sub-pages of that type. For example, if you changed the Media Center group page directly on that page the changes set will not appear on any other new or existing group webpages, such as the Parent’s Group page.

How to Create a Default Pages

  1. From the Tools menu on your school homepage, select Manage Design.

    The school name should be at the top of the Manage Design page above the three tabs.

  2. In the Default Designs tab, select Include during Edit/Preview for the All Pages design.

    This option will allow you to start with the base layer of the shared settings configured in the All Pages design, which will flow into your new sub-page design. Click Apply Checks Above to include the All Pages properties.

  3. In the Default Designs tab, click the New button.
  4. Type the name for the design in the Name of new design box. Name the design in such a way that it describes what the design is for — such as Class Page Design, Design 1 for Class Page, or Group Page Design.

    Leave the Base on template box blank. (If the design will be based on an existing template already in your school or district, see the Deploy District Templates to Create School Designs topic for information.)

  5. Click OK. You will see a dialog prompting where you want the design to be used.
  6. Only select the specific type of sub-page — Folders, Documents, Classes, or Other Groups — you want the particular design to affect. Click OK.
  7. From the Manage Design page, select the design you created, and click Edit.

    You will see a dialog prompting you to select the type of page you want to view as a test for your design.

  8. Select the specific type of sub-page to test your customizations. Click Go to open Site Designer.
  9. Edit the design in Site Designer.

    You can then add the special box or item you want just on the specific type of sup-page. To learn more, see Set Properties.

  10. After you set the sub-page design properties, select Live next to the design and then click Apply Checks Above to make the design live.

    If the design is in the Default Design Library area of the Default Design tab, select the design and click Make Active.

  11. Repeat to create a default design for each page type.

    You should have a design for Folders, Documents, Classes, and Other Groups.