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Set Design List Order

If you have multiple, live, default designs, there is an established order of priority for which property settings will take precedence when the different settings conflict with each other. The following design rules list the priority of different settings:

  • Any webpage property settings on the Default Designs tab will be applied first, and then the property settings from the Current Page tab will be applied to the current page only. If any settings challenge each other, the settings on the design on the Current Page will trump the Default Designs as applied to the current page. This rule ensures that if any teacher or group super user with design privileges changed their page designs, any settings configured at the default design level will not overwrite their changes.
  • If there are multiple designs set as Live on the Default Designs tab, the design listed at the top of the list will be applied first, and then the next design from the list will be applied, until all live designs have applied. For example the All Pages design should be listed first, and then the other designs, such as a class page design, if the school wants changes specific to page types. This rule ensures that while the shared styles, such as fonts, or boxes such as menus are applied using the All Pages design first, and that any changes in the styles or boxes specifically created for a page type will be added to the final design of that page type.

How to Reset the Order of the Default Designs List

  1. Go to your school or district homepage and select Manage Design from the Tools menu.
  2. On the Default Designs tab, select the design you want to move.
  3. Click on the design and drag it to the desired location on the list.