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Set Design Properties

Edline provides super users and anyone who has been given design permissions with complete flexibility in designing their webpages. With the options available in Site Designer, you can change the design properties of any area in your website.

Once you have your district or school design created, or if using Blackboard's Edline Design Services to create the design for you, you can use the Site Designer feature to update the styles available in the design. This section steps you through opening Site Designer, setting all the different design properties you may want to include, and how to add different types of resources to your design to create a unique website.

Overview of Site Designer

You can open Site Designer in numerous ways. Complete one of the following instructions based on your design needs:

  • To make minor enhancements to an active/live design — Launch Site Designer from the active webpage. Go to the page and select Edit This Page from the Edline menu bar. Then, click the Designer icon from the Edit Mode toolbar.
  • To update the properties of a specific box directly from the active webpage — Launch Site Designer from the active webpage. Go to the page and select Edit This Page from the Edline menu bar. Move your mouse to the box you want to change, and then select the Edit Design Properties File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/040_Set_Design_Properties/EditDesignPropIcon.jpg icon. (To learn more, see Maintain Your Website.)
  • To create new designs, to make major design changes to the active site, to utilize options to create school-wide or district-wide default designs, and to set a design to be active — Go to either the district or school homepage and from the Tools menu select Manage Design to open the Site Designer.

What Are the Components of an Edline Webpage?

The following illustration and description provide an overview of the components of an Edline web page, and how Site Designer can help you update those component properties.

Image illustrating associated text

Each Edline website page contains two main sections no matter how many columns or which layout you select — the Header section and the Body section. The page Header section only contains an image or banner that is at the top of every page in the website and the breadcrumbs for the website. The Body section contains the main content of your website. It contains several sub-sections depending on your column layout choice. Within some sections are columns and additional boxes of content you can add.

Boxes are areas of your website that contain the actual content within the columns and sections of a page. Edline is pre-loaded with the default boxes, News, Links, Calendar, and Contents, which you can remove or add back to your page, and you can create new boxes of your own.

You can set design properties for the whole page or just a specific part of the page, such as the Body section or a particular column or box section. The design properties for any part such as the Body or Middle section cascade down to the sections, columns, and boxes within it. If you set a blue background color to the Middle section, that color would cascade to all columns in the Middle section, and all the boxes in those columns. You could then choose to update the design properties of one of the columns or boxes to make that particular area stand out. All design changes are set through the Site Designer dialog.

While you are setting properties for the design you are editing, you have several options with buttons on the bottom of the Site Designer tree-view.

  • Save — You must click Save or Revert before you can exit the editing mode. Save will save all the property changes you made since your last save.
  • RevertRevert will undo ALL the changes made after your last save.
  • Save As — This button allows you to save the changes with a new name so that the design you began editing remains intact and you have a new version of the design with a new name.
  • Clear All — This button will revert back to the original Edline default settings, removing any changes you have ever made to the design at any time, not just during this session. We suggest always making a copy of the design before using Clear All in case you want to review or restore parts of what you have done.

To clear a single, particular property change and reset it back to the system default or the default set at a higher level such as the district, click the Clear button next to the specific field you changed.