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Select Header Image

The header image will automatically be displayed at the top of all web pages on your website except certain internal resource pages. It is recommended that the dimensions for the header area image be 700 pixels (width) x 200 pixels (height) to work best with Edline defaults.

It is highly recommended that all attachments be no larger than 1 MB so that the files do not take a long time to display when your users open the page. If you are having problems uploading large files, please consider the speed of your network connection.

How to Select an Image for the Header Section

  1. From the tree-view of the Site Designer, select Header, and expand the Other tab to view the property fields.
  2. Select Upload from the Header Image box to display the Upload Image File box.
  3. Click Browse from the Image File box to search for the image to add to the Header.

    (You can select a stored image from the drop-down list if available.)

  4. Click Upload to add the file.

To remove an image from a Header, select Delete from the Header Image box.
To replace a header image, see How to Change a Header Image on Your Website.