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Blackboard Help

Set Borders and Corners

You can add a border of a specific color and line width between any section on the webpage, or around the entire page as a whole. You can also round the corners between each section by setting the curved size, and select which corners will be curved.

When you add a border, the page width and height will be increased. For example, if you set the page to 700 pixels in width, and then add a 1 pixel border on each side, the page width will be equal to 702 pixels.

How to Add Borders and Corners

  1. From the tree-view of the Site Designer, select the section or sub-section where you want to change the borders and corners.
  2. Select the Borders and Corners tab to view the properties.
  3. Select the type of border to add from the Border Style box.

    Options include Solid, Dotted, Dashed, and Double.

  4. Type the pixel thickness for the line in the Border Width box.

    You must type the size for the top, right, bottom, and left lines for the lines to be drawn.

    You will be reminded to click Apply to refresh the display when changing certain design features.

  5. Select the Border Color by completing the following steps:
    • Click the selection icon to access the color pallet.
    • Assign one of your color names from your Color Theme settings by clicking the drop-down arrow icon (File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/040_Set_Design_Properties/090_Set_Borders_and_Corners/dropdownarrow2.jpg).
    • Type the hexadecimal number color code in the box, or click the ellipsis icon (File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/040_Set_Design_Properties/090_Set_Borders_and_Corners/ellipsis.jpg) to access the color pallet where you can select the color.
  6. Set the corner options for the border by completing the following steps:
    • Select the corners that will be curved from the Corners to Round box.

      Check Top Left Corner, Top Right Corner, Bottom Left Corner, and Bottom Right Corner to round each corner.

    • Type the pixel size of the curvature in the Corner Size box.
    • Click Set to apply changes and preview the rounded corners.