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Blackboard Help

Set Fonts

You can select the font style for any part of your website. You can select one style for the header text title (such as News), and another font for the body text. You can set the font for the whole Body section so that all fonts throughout the page will be the same, or change the font for a particular sub-section.

Blackboard recommends setting fonts in your district or school All Pages design to default all pages in your website to the same text font and style.

How to Set the Font Styles

  1. From section where you want to change the fonts.
  2. Select the Fonts tab to view the properties.
  3. Click the ellipsis (File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/040_Set_Design_Properties/100_Set_Fonts/ellipsis.jpg) icon to access the Font dialog.

    For the Body or any sub-section, you can change the fonts of the body text in the Body Font box, or the header text (for box titles such as News) in the Header Font box. In the Page Header section, there is only one Font box to set the font style for your breadcrumbs.

  4. Set the font details by completing the following steps:
    • Select the type of font from the Font Family list.
    • Select the type-face for the font from the Font Style list. Options include Normal, Italic, or Oblique.
    • Select the size for the font from the Font Size box.
    • Select the boldness for the font from the Font Weight list. Options include Normal, Bold, and weight sizes.
    • Select the capitalization style from the Font Variant list. Options include Normal and Small-Caps.
    • Select the height (spacing) of the line in the Line Height list.

      Be sure to review the sample text in the dialog to ensure the line height works with the size of the font you selected. The default option is Normal, but you can select a specific height percentage (pt) or pixel amount. Use this advanced feature with caution and be sure to save your changes.

    • Click OK when finished with the font selections.