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Set Additional Properties

You can set additional properties for the Body section and sub-sections of the Body area using the Other tab available in Site Designer. You can set options such as whether or not to display the title of a box, whether the boxes are expanded or collapsed, how many items to display in a list, and other variable options appropriate to the box properties you are setting.

How to Set the Additional Properties Using the Other Tab

  1. From the tree-view of the Site Designer, select the section or sub-section where you want to change section specific properties.
  2. Select the Other tab to view the property boxes.
  3. Determine whether or not to display the box title name from the Show Header box.

    Options include Yes to show the title, and No to not show the title.

  4. Determine when the box content will be displayed from the Expand/Collapse Box area by selecting one of the following options:
    • Select Always Expanded to have the information shown at all times.
    • Select Initially Shown to have the information shown when the user accesses the page.

      The user can collapse the box to remove the contents from view.

    • Select Expand on Click to only display the box contents when the user clicks on the triangle icon available in the box title.
  5. Select the type of highlight to add to the box title from the Header Highlight Type box by selecting one of the following options:
    • Select Rail to include a border underneath the header (title or name of the box).

      If you select Rail, you will need to type the weight of the rail in pixel size in the Header Rail Thickness box.

    • Select Background to add a color background to the header (name/title) of the box.
    • Select None to just display the name without a header highlight.
  6. When you upload an image or document to appear in the specific section, you can determine where to position a thumbnail of the file from the Thumbnail Position box. Options include Top and Left.

    For the news box, you can set the Item Thumbnail Size for individual news topics. Options include x-small, small, medium, and large.

  7. When you add documents to specific sections, such as News or Calendars, you can determine whether or not to include a Summary of the item on home webpage.

    Select Yes to include a summary of up to 150 characters, or No to not include any summaries of items.

  8. For list-type sections, such as Contents, News, and Links, set the list options:
    • Type the maximum number of items to display in the section in the Max Items to Show box.

      Type an integer between 1-99.

    • Type a set height for the section in the List Height box.

      To have the system generate the height for the section, keep this field set to zero (0).

      When you set the List Height to a specific value, scroll bars will appear on the page when the list exceeds the height value.

  9. When you add a box to your website, open the Special Options properties tab to select how to display the box from the Render Folder As area.

    Options include Box to display the content as a boxed area similar to News and Calendar; Horizontal to display the content across the page such as a horizontal menu bar; and Vertical to display the content down the page such as a vertical menu bar.

  10. Click Apply when finished.