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Blackboard Help

Set Background Images

You can add an image or wallpaper to the background of a section or sub-section of the webpage, or around the entire page as a whole. This feature allows you to customize the background of your web pages with more visual effects than just colors.

Blackboard recommends that all images be no larger than 200 kb so that the files do not take a long time for your users to view them. Blackboard also recommends that you set the image quality of a JPEG file quality to 60 to optimize the image for the web. To increase load speed, you can create the desired effect by repeating a small image vertically or horizontally to create the background image.

How to Add a Background Image

  1. From the tree-view of the Site Designer, select the section or sub-section where you want to add a background image.
  2. Select the Background Images tab to view the properties.
  3. Search for the image to use in the Background Image box by clicking the ellipsis (File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/040_Set_Design_Properties/140_Set_Background_Images/ellipsis.jpg) icon.
    • Select an image already available in Edline through the Site Designer tree-view, or click the Browse button in the File box to search for an image. Click Upload and Continue.
    • Click Select and Continue to add the picture and access the design properties.
  4. Configure the setting for the background image by completing the following steps:
    • Determine if the image will be opaque by typing the picture strength in the Opacity box.

      For example, 100 will be 100% strength, but 50 will be a 50% lighter shade of the picture.

    • To set the image transparency level from the Use Transparent Background Instead of Opacity box.

      Select Yes, to set the picture as sheer, or No to set the picture as not transparent.

    • Select the location for the background image from the Background Image Position box.

      The default location is Top Left, but there are several image locations to choose. You could also type a measurement for the location in the Background Image Position – Advanced box.

    • Select whether or not the image will be repeated in the background from the Background Image Repeat box.

      Options include None for no repeats; Horizontal for a repeat across the page or section; Vertical for a repeat down the page or section; and Both to repeat the image across and down the page or section.

    • Click Apply.