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Blackboard Help

Set Placeholders

Placeholders are used on default designs or templates to allow the designer to create a box with temporary generic content that will be updated by others at a lower level. For example, for districts that create a district-wide default design for their schools to modify with their own content, the placeholder box might be a spot for each school to fill with their own mission statement or a principal’s message. You can also place content such as images in a placeholder box that schools can leave or replace as desired. A school could create a placeholder for their default class design so that teachers could fill it with their own student spotlight or special project.

How to Set the Placeholder Properties

  1. From the tree-view of the Site Designer, select the box where you want to set placeholder properties.
  2. Select the Special Options tab to view the property boxes.
    • In the Include in Pages box set whether or not to include the box content in sub-pages of the district or school. Options include No Subpages to set the content to be displayed in the main home page only, and All Subpages to display the content in all pages. You can also set it so only schools and groups can see the content but not the class pages.
  3. Select the Placeholder Properties tab to view the property boxes.
    • Set whether or not the customized box will be a placeholder from the Is a Placeholder area. Select Yes to add the section as a placeholder, which allows others at a lower level (district to school, school to class) to replace content you may have placed there as a starter. Select No if the box is to contain content controlled by the district or school and not available to others at a lower level to update on their own.
    • Type the title for the box in the Placeholder Name Override area as it is to appear on the page, if you want a different name than the document itself. For example, if you created a box with an image file called School Pix but you want the box to have the title Our School, type Our School in the Placeholder Name Override area.
    • Select where the placeholder content can be set from the Placeholder Content Can Be Set box. Options include No Subpages so that content can be set only on the main homepages, and All Subpages to allow super users of all groups to place their own content in the placeholder. You can choose specific areas where it can be set such as the district or school, or open it to super users of class or other group webpages.
    • You can determine whether or not to include the current content for the placeholder until the actual content is set from the Show Placeholder until Content Set box. Select Yes to display the current content in the placeholder until the super users fill it on their own pages. Select No to keep the box empty until new content is added there.