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Add New Boxes to Your Website

Edline boxes are areas of your webpage that contain the actual content within the columns and sections of your page. Edline is pre-loaded with default boxes, including News, Links, Calendar, and Contents, that you can remove or add back to your page. If you have design permissions, you can also create new boxes for your district, school, teacher (class), sport, or activity webpage.

Boxes are usually created to highlight specific material you want to stand alone rather than inside the standard boxes such as News or Calendar. A box might contain images, videos, flash, slide shows, menus, footers, a principal’s message, a district vision statement, or a teacher spotlight. You can also highlight existing items or folders, such as your Sports folder, by adding it to your homepage as a new box. Teachers with design privileges may want to add special boxes for their Study Guides or highlighted project of the week.