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Add Boxes to a Webpage

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You can add a new box to your webpage with the Add Box icon available from the Edit Mode toolbar. You can add boxes using existing contents; by creating new content; or by adding legacy Edline boxes currently not on the page.

  • If you are adding the box to your current live design, open the webpage where you will add it.

    From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the Edit Mode toolbar.

  • If you are adding it to a design that is not yet active, select Manage Design from the Tools menu to access the Manage view.

How to Add a Box

  1. From the Edit Mode toolbar, click Add Box to access the What type of box would you like to add? box.
  2. Select the type of content to add by completing one of the following steps:
    • To add a box using existing content, select the content from the Existing Content tree-view and click OK.

      (This option allows you to “pin” the existing information to the design, so the content will be displayed on the webpage.) If the default Edline boxes News, Calendars, Links are not on your website design, they also can be chosen from the Existing Content tree-view.

    • To add new content, select the type of content to add from the New Content box.

      Options include Document, Link, RSS Feed, Slideshow, and Folder. Click OK to access the Where do you want your new Document? box. Select the folder where you want to store the content and click OK. The Create Document or Create Folder page appears where you can create the document, link, news feed, or folder.

    • To add one of the legacy Edline boxes, choose the box from the Special Edline Box area and click OK. The special boxes include:

      Group Info is the default box that includes an image and description of your group — district, school, class, or any other group, usually in the center of a group page.

      Questions or Comments is a box where a link with the name of the teacher or super user of the page will appear so users in the school can email them. The email address itself will not appear.

      Edline Menu is a personalized menu for users who sign-in. It contains the same options as the main Edline menu bar that is already visible at the top of every page when a user signs in.

    The box will be added to the page in the top of the Middle Section. The Design Properties dialog will open and you can set the box’s properties as described in the Set Design Properties topic.

  3. After you add the box to your webpage, you can move it to the desired location.
  4. Click Done when finished.

    The Unsaved Changes dialog appears.

  5. To save the changes to the current design you are updating, click Save, and then click OK.