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Add an Image to a Webpage

In Edline, you can add an image in several ways:

  • Every user with the ability to add documents to their web page can add pictures to those documents as described in the Add Images to a Document topic.
  • Every super user (including teachers and coaches) can add a Group Info image to their page. The Group Info image is usually the main picture in the center of the group (district, school, class, sport, club, or other activity) page and is a part of the description of the group. To add a Group Info image, see the Add an Image to a Group Page topic.
  • To add additional images to appear on your home webpage, you will need design privileges. Complete the following instructions.

How to Add an Image on a Webpage

  • If you are adding the image to your current live design, open the webpage where you will add it. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the Edit Mode toolbar.
  • If you are adding the image to a design that is not yet active, select Manage Design from the Tools menu to access the Manage Design page. Select the design where you will add the image and click the Edit button at the bottom of the page to open Site Designer tree-view.
  1. Click the Add Box button from the Edit Mode toolbar to access the Add Box dialog.
  2. From the New Content box, select Document and click OK.
  3. Select the location to store the image, and click OK to access the Create/Modify Document page.

    (This location is not where the picture will be displayed — you will move the image in the next few steps.)

  4. Type the name of the image in the Document Title box.
  5. Click the Enter Text By Hand link in the Add Content area, and then click the Image File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/080_Add_New_Boxes_to_Your_Website/020_Add_an_Image_to_a_Webpage/image_icon.jpg icon.

    By adding the image through the toolbar you can easily resize the image from the screen, which you cannot do if you import the image. You can also add a web link to the image, creating a “clickable” image. To learn more, see Add a Clickable Image.

  6. Click Save and Return.

    The image will be added to the page in the top of the Middle Section and you can move the image to desired location on the website. The Design Properties dialog will open to set the image properties.

  7. Set the design properties for the image.

    Change the following options — In the Other tab, set Show in Box to Contents auto ht, and Show Header to No (unless you want the title of the image to appear on the page).

  8. Click Done to exit the edit mode.