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Add a Webpage Footer

You can create a personalized footer for your district or school website. This footer can contain the name and address of your school or district, copyright information, or any other information you want displayed at the bottom of the website. Create the footer in your district or school All Pages design to default all pages in your website to the same footer information.

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If you are using a template prepared by your district, you may only need to fill the footer placeholder with your own school’s information. To learn more, see Deploy District Templates to Create School Designs.

How to Add a Footer

  1. From the menu bar, click the View Page As File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/080_Add_New_Boxes_to_Your_Website/040_Add_a_Webpage_Footer/viewasicon.jpg icon, and select List View. The system displays the list of contents.
  2. Create the document containing footer information by completing the following steps:
    • From the drop-down list, select Document and click Add to access the Create Document page.
    • Type a name for the footer document in the Document Title box, such as Footer.
    • Click Enter Text By Hand in the Add Content area and type and format the information to appear in the footer.
    • Click Save and Return to save the document.
  3. Add your new footer to your webpage design by completing the following steps:
    • Click the Home File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/090_Design_Your_Edline_Website/080_Add_New_Boxes_to_Your_Website/040_Add_a_Webpage_Footer/homeicon.jpg icon if you are not already on the homepage.
    • Select Manage Design from the Tools menu to access the Manage Design page. Select the design where you will add the footer and click the Edit button to open Site Designer tree-view. Blackboard recommends that footer information go in the All Pages default design so that it will appear on all the pages in your website.
    • From the Edit Mode toolbar, click Add Box to access the What type of box would you like to add? box.
    • From the Existing Content box, find the footer document you created.
    • Click OK. The box will be added to the page in the top of the Middle Section. You can move the box to the desired location. The Design Properties dialog will open and you can set the box’s properties.
  4. Set the design properties for your footer by completing the following steps:
    • In the Special Options tab, determine whether or not the footer will be visible in all pages of the website from the Include in Pages box. Options include All Subpages to display the footer throughout the website; No Subpages to only include the footer on the main web homepage; and School, not Classes to include the footer on all pages except class (teacher) pages. For district websites there is an additional choice, District, not Schools for a footer you want only on the district pages and not on the school pages.
    • For districts creating a design to be shared by schools, select the Placeholder Properties tab to determine whether or not the footer should be a placeholder to be filled by schools in your district. To learn more, see Set Placeholder Properties.
    • Select the Colors tab and update the color scheme for the footer by completing the steps in the Set Colors for Your Website topic.
    • Select the Fonts tab and update the font type for the footer completing the steps in the Set Fonts topic.
    • Select the Margin and Padding tab and update the spacing for the footer by completing the steps in the Set Margin and Padding (Spacing) topic.
    • Select the Borders and Corners tab and update the borders and shape for the footer by completing the steps in the Set Borders and Corners topic.
    • Select the Background Images tab and add any pictures to the footer by completing the steps in the Set Background Images topic.
  5. Select the Other tab to choose additional formatting properties to set for the footer.
    • Adjust the Show in Box property to Contents auto ht unless you have included images in the footer. In that case, you may have to adjust the footer to a fixed height.
    • Select No from the Show Header area so the box header title does not show.
  6. Click Save and Done to update the website design with your customized footer.

To update the footer information, see Change the Footer on Your Webpage.