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Districts and schools can create templates (similar to Microsoft templates) to help others create their web designs. A template is a set of design properties stored for your teachers, coaches, and other school personnel to use at a lower level if they have design permissions. District or school super users create the templates. These templates can be used in your designs. This feature is available to super users at the district or school level, or any user with design permissions enabled.

There is no reason for school-level super users to create templates unless they want to provide a variety of class or group page designs for their teachers to use in creating their own page designs. Without making templates, school super users can make unlimited numbers of default designs for their homepage, for any other sub-page, or for entire categories of sub-pages (including classes and groups), and these designs can be used by webmasters and others with design permissions at the school.

The most common purpose of templates is for district super users who want schools in their district to have a choice of different school designs to choose for their school. District super users can place several templates in their district template library, and a school can base its design off a template and easily make school specific changes such as colors, without having to create a design from scratch. A district can also control portions of the template layout for district information. For example, they could put a district spotlight box on all their schools’ homepages and the district could change its content on all school pages at once if the school designs are based off that template. For this function to work properly, schools must follow instructions in the Deploy District Templates topic.

Create Templates or a District Default Designs?

Depending on your design goals as a district, you will either create district default designs for your schools or district templates. You will usually not create both default designs and templates. You only need to create templates if you want to provide your schools with several choices of designs rather than starting with one common look-and-feel. Without making templates, your schools still do not need to start from scratch. By creating a district-wide All Pages default design and a district-wide home page default design, you can provide a consistent look throughout the schools in your district.

With both methods, you can allow schools to modify their pages with their own colors, logos, or change the designs completely depending on your goal. Using either default designs or templates, you can place a district-controlled message box, where only the district can change the content but the message will be refreshed at all schools.

Anytime you update a template, any design based off the template will also be updated. However, if schools have already changed their webpage design before you update the template, only areas not changed by the school will inherit your changes, so that the changes made by the schools will not be overwritten.

How to Create a New Template

You can create a template directly in the Template Library of the Manage Design page, or you can first create design and turn it into a template.

If you want the pages in the entire school website to have the same, exact look (the school’s homepage, all class pages, all sports pages, would be the same), then create the All Pages design or template, and that will be all you need. If you want the school’s homepage to stand-out, create two templates — the All Pages design or template and a homepage design or template.

After you have the designs you want to set as templates, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the main district homepage, and from the Edline menu bar, select Tools and then Manage Design to open the Manage Design page.
  2. Click on the name of the design you want to save as a template from the Designs area.
  3. Click Make Template.
  4. Select the template area to move the design to in the To box. Only persons with design rights at the district level can put a template in the district template library. Likewise, only a person with district or school level design rights can place a template in the school template library.
  5. Type a name for the template in the New Name box.

    For districts that have created a template pair for school designs (an All Pages and a homepage design), name the templates so schools can easily identify the templates and their functions, such as Template 1 for All Pages and Template 1 for Homepage.

  6. Click OK.

After you create the templates for the district, your next step is to deploy the templates at each school. To learn more, see Deploy District Templates.