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Manage Your Designs and Templates

Your district or school can create numerous designs for your homepage, for specific types of web pages (class, sports, and activities), for specific seasons, or for specific events. Web designers can also create templates for others in the district or school to use. When you open the Manage Design page from the Tools menu on your district or school homepage, you will see three tabs containing the designs and templates available for your district or school.

From the Manage Design Page you choose which design or template you want to work on. The Default Design tab contains designs used as the starting default design for the page types in your district or school, such as the class, group, folder, or document pages; the Current Page tab contains designs for the page from which you opened the Manage Design page, such as your home page; and the Templates tab contains school or district templates. You can preview, copy, move, rename, delete, edit designs or create new designs or templates. You can also choose which design you want to make the active live design visible as your website.

This sections teaches you how to use the buttons and other features available on the Manage Design page, after your designs and templates have been created.