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Set Designs as Active/Live

From the Edline Manage Design page, you can set which design you want to be the active live design seen by visitors of your website, and you can switch between various designs for specific seasons or events. If you want a different layout for your sub-pages such as the classes, other groups (sports and clubs), folders, and documents, you can also determine which design is live for whole categories or page types.

How to Set an Active Design

To set as active any school-wide design, such as the homepage or default designs for entire categories (classes, other groups, folders, or documents), you must be on the school homepage before opening the Manage Design page. To set active an individual sub-page where you created a specific design that is different from the school homepage or the default design for other groups (such as the library), open that specific page.

  1. From the Edline menu bar, select Manage Design from the Tools menu.
  2. From the Defaults Design tab, select the design to make live.
    • If the design you want to make live is in the Design Library section, select the design and click Make Active to move the design to the Active Designs area.
    • Select each design you want to make live from the Active Designs area and select Live. You may have multiple live default designs.
  3. If you created a page specific design (such as a homepage design), click the Current Page tab to select which design to make live.
    • Click Set as Active Design for the school or specific page design to mark the design as live for the current webpage.

Remember that the settings on designs in the Current Page tab apply only to the current page and will override any opposing or differing settings for the same properties set in a default design listed on the Defaults Designs tab.