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Blackboard Help

Edit or Preview Designs

With Edline Site Designer, you can edit or preview the design for your school, classes, other groups (sports and clubs), folders, or documents.

How to Edit or Preview the Design

  1. From the Manage Design page, click on the name of the design you want to edit or preview from the Default Designs, Current Page, or Template tabs.

    When you click Edit or Preview to see the design or template from any of the tab sections, it will reflect the properties of that design in the context of all the Default Designs that are selected to Include during Edit/Preview. All Live default designs are automatically selected to Include during Edit/Preview, but if you want to see a design in the context of all the defaults that will be applied to it (even those not yet Live) be sure to select the Include during Edit/Preview option for all designs you want to use that are not yet Live. That way you will see the full combined effect on the design you are editing. To see your design in isolation without affects from any other designs, clear the Include during Edit/Preview option for the other designs.

  2. Click Edit to change or preview your design.

    A dialog appears requesting you to select a page type to test your design changes.

  3. If you are editing a Default Design, select a different page type to view each time (class, group, folder, and document). That way you can be sure each page reflects the design the way you intended it to appear.
  4. Click Done when finished.