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Select Multiple Designs

Many times, just by  creating a separate homepage design, you will not need to have multiple default designs. But if your school wants to change any of the Edline defaults set on specific sub-page types (such as class pages, group pages, folders, or documents), you may have several designs to apply to a specific type of page. To learn how to create designs for different sub-page types, see Create Default Designs for Specific Sub-Page Types. After you have created different default designs, you can activate multiple designs.

How to Select Multiple Default Designs for Specific Pages

  1. Go to your school or district homepage and select Manage Design from the Tools menu.
  2. Select Include during Edit/Preview for the design you want to include.
  3. Move any designs you want to make live from the Design Library area to the Active Design area.

    Select the design to move, click Make Active, and then select Include during Edit/Preview.

  4. Make sure the special page-type design (such as class page design) appears in the list after any other defaults.

    Because designs have applied settings to the targeted page type, the one last in the list will overwrite any inconsistencies in design elements.

    To verify how your multiple design combinations interact, select Include during Edit/Preview next to every default design containing properties you want displayed on your webpages. Click Edit and select a different page type to view each time (class, group, folder, and document). That way you can be sure each page reflects the combined properties the way you intended it to appear.

  5. When the designs are all complete and interacting as you expect, select Live to set the design as live.

    If a particular default design, such as a class page design, depends on another design for some of its properties, both designs must be live for the pages to display all the properties.