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Permissions and Policies

Every district and/or school has a super user who is the head administrator for the Edline website. This super user has permission to create any group or content available in Edline, change or delete any information, and perform any necessary functions to effectively manage the school website. The super user can also assign more limited specific permissions to other users to distribute the website responsibilities by assigning others access to particular sections or functions on Edline.

Blackboard recommends that each school have a maximum of two super users per school website. Enabling special, but limited, permissions for other users will allow a super user to delegate other tasks more effectively. If you are a teacher and a school super user, DO NOT combine your teacher Edline account with your super user Edline account. Keep the two accounts separate. You must create the two accounts with separate screen names and passwords, and sign on with the appropriate sign-in for each role depending on which tasks you are executing at that moment.

What’s the Difference between Permissions and Policies?

Super users can set both permissions and policies in Edline.

A permission can be given to individual users to enable them to complete specific types of actions in Edline.

  • Edline enables super users to give designated users school-wide permission to allow them to execute specific tasks for the entire school website. For example, a school super user can designate a school-wide design permission for a web designer to assist in designing the look, layout, and color scheme of the entire school website.
  • Edline enables super users to set group (class, sport, club, activity, etc.) or folder-level user permissions, so that super users can further delegate work at lower levels of the website and make the Edline site easy to maintain. For example, the school super user can allow the Athletic Director to manage the Sports folder so that the Athletic Director can create the sports websites, add each of the coaches to their particular sport page, and then change each coach’s permissions within their sport page so they can maintain their own site. This arrangement can be easily achieved by giving the Athletic Director super user permissions for the school Sports folder.
  • Permissions can also be set for sections of the website. For example, one person can be given rights to post and update content in the News section, while another user can be given rights to update the Calendar section.

A policy at the school level is a setting that controls a variety of activities, such as how upload reports are handled, or how gradebooks are managed (if you use one of Edline’s gradebooks). At the district, school, group, and folder levels, you can also set a policy that allows specific types of users to submit documents to the particular group or folder, subject to the super user approval before they are visible to other users. For example, if you would like for parents to be able to submit documents to the PTA group, you can set a policy in only the PTA group to allow parents to create documents in only that group. As a policy, however, the documents would not be visible until approved by the super user of the group or school.