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Allow Guests to View Your Website

All webpages you create are automatically set to Public Visibility, which means the page is available to anyone who accesses the website. You can make sure that visitors in the public can access your school’s website by ensuring the school visibility is set to public. As a result, the Edline website becomes your standard, public, school website, which can contain any marketing materials you want to add for future prospective students.

Maintaining all your public material along with the personal information for parents and students is not only more convenient and cost-effective for your staff, but ensures that your families too will see all the important public information.

While first building your website, you might restrict the visibility so that the public does not see the site until finished.

If you have your domain name ( be sure to contact Edline support so that it can be used properly as your school URL for Edline.

How to Allow the Public (without Edline Accounts) to View Your School Website

  1. From the menu bar on the school home page, select Edit This Page to access the Edit Mode toolbar.
  2. Click the Visibility option from the menu bar to access the Modify School page.
  3. From the School Visibility area, click Change Visibility to access the Group Visibility page.
  4. Set the Basic Visibility Options to Public to allow anyone to view the page.
  5. Click Update.