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Blackboard Help

Set Class Policies

This setting can only be completed by a district school super user or group super user (teacher, coach, or other administrator) signed into the school level Edline website. The user must open the group web page they want to change.

How to Set Class and Other Group Level Policies

  1. From the menu bar on the group page, select Tools, and then select Manage Group (Class, Sport, Activity) to access the Modify Group (Class, Sport, Activity) page.
  2. From the Group Management area, click Group Policies to access the Group Policies page.
  3. Determine which types of users can add documents to the group page.

    Select from any of the following types of users — Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Staff, and Alumni.

    Any document a user creates will need to be approved by the super user before it becomes available. To learn more, see Approve or Reject Documents.

  4. Click Update to save the school’s policy settings.