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Add a New User Account

New users are usually added automatically to Edline in the regular data upload process used at your school. There may be times when you need to manually create a user account for someone not on your list of users or not listed in your Student Information System (SIS), which is usually the case for counselors, school secretaries, and sometimes principals. If you need to add one or two users, complete the following instructions on the User List page.

Blackboard does not recommend adding students or teachers manually if you are using Quick Sync or a Student Information System (SIS) to perform data uploads to Edline. Students who get added to Edline manually may end up being marked for deletion if they are not properly added to data files or your SIS for future uploads.

How to Add Users

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Adding or Removing a User Account

  1. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then Manage Users to open the User List page.
  2. Click Create New User to access the Create User page.
  3. If you are adding a new student or teacher, type the user’s identification code in the Admin System ID box.

    This code must match the identification code for the user who is listed in your Student Information System (SIS) if you are using one. Otherwise the student may be marked for deletion during future uploads.

  4. Select the type of user to add from the User Type box.

    Options include Student, Teacher, Parent, Administrator, Staff Member, and Alumni.

  5. For a student or teacher, type the user’s grade information in the Grade Level box.

    You must type this information exactly as it appears in the Student Information System (SIS) if you would like to be able to search by user grade level.

  6. Type the user’s full name in the First Name, Middle Name (optional), and Last Name boxes.

    For a student, the Create a parent account option is automatically selected to add a new parent account which will be associated with the student.

    To create a school super user, select Create as School Superuser and the super user permissions will be assigned to the new user.

  7. Click Create User to create the account and provide the new user activation code for Edline.