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Change a Users Account

You can change a user’s account information by updating the email address, changing their permissions, replacing their activation code or password, and updating the linked parent accounts for students. Only a super user will be able to change a user account.

How to Change User Accounts

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Updating Contact Information in Edline

  1. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then Manage Users to open the User List page.
  2. Search or filter the Manage Users List page for the specific users to change.
  3. From the User List page, click on the name of the user to update.
  4. Click Edit to access the Modify User page.
  5. Update the User Information by completing the following steps:
    • On the Modify User page, update the user’s name in the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name fields.
    • For a student or teacher, update the Student Information System (SIS) details in the Admin System ID and Grade Level boxes.

      Changing a user’s Admin System ID is not recommended unless you are absolutely certain that their ID is changing in the Student Information System (SIS) or data upload files.

    • To update the user’s email address or phone number, click Manage Contact Info to access the Manage Account page.
    • To hide a staff member’s profile from the Staff Directory feature, select Hide from Directory.

      This option is only available for teachers and other staff members.

    • Click Update User to save the changes.
    • To clear any changes you made, click Reset User Info.
  6. Click Change Permissions to update the user’s school-wide permissions in Edline.

    (To learn more, see Permissions and Policies.)

  7. To reset the user’s Edline activation code, click Replace Code.

    You can also print the activation code by clicking Print Code.

  8. To change a user’s screen name or password after they have been activated, click Change Screen Name or Change Password. (To learn more, see Reset a User’s Password.)
  9. All student accounts are automatically linked to a parent account. You can add additional links from one Edline account to another by completing one of the following steps:
    • To add another parent, guardian, or school advisor to a student, click Add Parent/Advisor Link and complete the instructions in the Add Another Parent to a Student topic. The parent, guardian, or school advisor will be able to access the viewing privileges of the student.
    • To add a student to a parent, guardian, or school advisor, click Add Student Link and complete the instructions in the Add a Student to a Parent or School Advisor topic. The parent, guardian, or school advisor will be able to access the viewing privileges of the student.
    • To remove a parent, guardian, or advisor from a student, select the name of the user to remove, and then click Remove Checked.
  10. Click Done to save the changes.