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Add Another Parent to a Student

There may be times when you need to create multiple parent accounts for a particular student. Usually the second account is another parent who requires a separate account (due to separation, divorce, or other circumstances).

You can add a second parent to a student through the User List page. Only a super user will be able to add another parent to a student’s account.

How to Add Another Parent

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Adding Another Parent Account to a Student

  1. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then Manage Users to open the User List page.
  2. Search or filter the Users List page for the specific student.
  3. From the User List page, select the student you want to add a parent to.
  4. Select Add Parents to Students from the Add menu.
  5. Click Yes to generate the new activation code.
  6. Print the new activation code and click Done to go back to the school homepage.