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Reset a User's Password

Edline super users (or another staff member that received password reset permissions by the super user) can temporarily reset a user’s password, after the user has been activated in Edline and configured their screen name and password information. The user will receive the temporary password sent to the email account on record at that time. When the user signs in with the temporary password, the user will be prompted immediately to change the password for security reasons.

If the user added a security question, that user can request a temporary password on their own by clicking the Sign In link and then Forgot Screen Name and/or Password link.

How to Reset the Password

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Resetting a User’s Screen Name or Password

  1. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then Manage Users to open the User List page.
  2. From the User List page, click on the user you want to update.
  3. Click Edit to access the Modify User page.
  4. To change the user’s screen name in Edline, complete the following steps:
    • Type the new name in the Screen Name box.

      Screen names must be unique in Edline!

    • Click Change Screen Name to confirm the change.

      The system will automatically send an email to the user notifying them about the change.

  5. To change the user’s password on Edline, complete the following steps:
    • Click Change Password to access the Change Password page.
    • Create a new password in the Type the new password box.

      The password must be at least four characters and can only contain letters and numbers — no special characters.

      Passwords cannot match your screen name or the answer to your security question.

    • Type the new password again in the Retype the new password box.
    • Click Update to change the password.

    The system will automatically send an email to the user notifying them about the change.