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Add/Remove Users from Classes and Other Groups

Users with appropriate permissions can add members to a group (district, school, class, sport, club, or activity), remove members from a group, and change the permissions for members in a group in the Edline website. To update the members of a particular group, you must have super user or site coordinator permissions enabled for the district, school, class, or other group.

How to Update Group Users

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools, and then select Manage Group (District, School, Class, Sport, Activity) to access the Modify Group page.
  2. From the Group Management section, click Members and Permissions to view the Group Member List page.

    When you are on the Modify School or Modify District page, you will see the Manage Users button instead of Members and Permissions.

How to Add a User to a Group

Watch a Tutorial

Adding Users to a Group

  1. If you know the user identification code of the person to add, type the code in the Admin System User ID box and click Add.
  2. To search for the user’s information, click Search for Users to Add to access the User List page.

    You can also search for a specific user using the Search fields.

  3. Select the users to add to the group, and click Add Selected Users to Group.
  4. Click Done on the Group Member List page.

How to Remove a User from a Group

  1. Select the users to remove, and click Remove Selected.
  2. Click Done on the Group Member List page.