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Blackboard Help

Search for a Specific User

If you know the specific account you need to access, as the super user you can search for that information on the User List page. You can search by a user’s name, of you can filter the list of users if you need to narrow the list.

  • From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then Manage Users to open the User List page.

How to Search for a Specific User

  1. In the Search area, select Last Name, System ID, Screen Name, or Created Since in the drop-down list to search by any of those criteria.
  2. Type the last name, system ID, screen name, or date the user was created.

    Partial data is accepted.

  3. Click Search. The system will display the results.

How to Filter the User List

You can use the Filter By area to search for a specific type of user, or for users that meet a specific criteria.

  1. In the Filter By area select one of the following options:
    • Select the type of users to display — Admin, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Students, or Alumni.
    • Select the account activation status of the users to display — Activated or Unactivated.
    • Select the staff directory status of the users to display — Hide from Staff Directory or Show in Staff Directory.
    • District super users will also be able to select whether or not to display school staff that are linked to the district — Show Users Linked to District or Show Users Not Linked to District.

    The system will display the list of users.

  2. Click Clear Search to remove the search and filter criteria.

How to Set Your Own Filter/Search Preferences

The Users List has been set to automatically show all users when you open the page. You can change the filtering for the page, so that whatever filters you set will be remembered for your entire session; and you can set when you do log out of Edline and back in, whether or not all users or no users will automatically appear.

  1. From the Users List page, click the Preferences (gear — File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/110_Manage_Users/040_Search_for_or_View_As_User/010_Search_for_a_Specific_User/preferences-gear-icon.jpg) icon.
  2. In the User List Preference box, select or clear the preferences you want to set for the Users List page (options are checked by default):
    • Show All User Types — When you select this option, each time you sign into Edline and access the Users List, all users will be displayed. If you clear this option, each time you sign into Edline and access the Users List, no users will be displayed.
    • Remember My Filters (for this session) — When you select this option, each time you access the Users List during your current Edline session, your previous filters will still be set. If you clear this option, your previous filters will not be included on the page.
  3. Click Done when finished.