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View Edline as a Particular User

Edline includes a unique feature which enables the school personnel with super viewer permissions to view Edline with the navigation links and private reports of another user. For example, this feature will allow counselors to quickly view the class pages and grades of a particular student while on the phone with a parent. Only a person with super viewer or super user permissions, or a user linked to a particular student such as parents or counselors, will be able to view Edline as another user.

When a super user views as another user, they will still see standard edit buttons next to every section on Edline. This does not mean that a student, parent, or staff member sees the buttons, these buttons are still visible because you have super user permission.

How to Add the User's View

  1. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then Manage Users to open the User List page.
  2. Search for the specific user.
  3. Click on the name of the user in the Users List page.
  4. Click View As.

    The system displays all of the user’s classes, groups, sports, clubs, or activities listed under the view mode when you hover over their name in the My Edline menu.

    Image illustrating associated text

    Counselors and Other Users with Viewing Rights: To view a specific student’s grades, after selecting the student’s name from the My Edline menu, select Private Reports under My Content. A small asterisk (*) will appear next to the name of the student whose information you are viewing.

How to Remove the User’s View

  • From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, select your name.