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User Activation

There are several methods that districts and schools can use to send Edline activation codes to their students, parents, teachers, and other staff members. Super users can manually print activation codes for users, send activation emails, use Google App IDs, or any combination of these methods. Select the method or methods that best work with your district and school.

Google Apps Integration

Google Apps is a free service with paid upgrades that your district/school can provide to teachers and students. You can associate one Google Apps domain with your Edline district, upload information to connect Google Apps users with their corresponding Edline user accounts, and then use their Google credentials to activate accounts or login to Edline.

Note that Google Apps integration can be added to Edline accounts that are already activated, so you can choose to do a “re-launch” with Google Apps accounts (but users will still be able to sign-in with their existing Screen Name and Password).


  • The user must also be a Google Apps customer. This account is an additional, central solution that is not related to the individual’s own personal Google accounts.
  • You must have one central Google Apps domain that can be used by all the schools in the district that want to use Google Apps logins. If you have users spread across multiple domains (for example, teachers on one domain and students on another) you will need to decide which domain gives you the most benefit and may need to consider other activation methods for the remaining users.

How to Use Google Apps to Activate Edline Accounts

  1. Upload your users to Edline.
  2. You must be a Google Apps customer with a central Google Apps domain.
  3. Blackboard Support for Edline must enter your Google Apps domain at the district level.
  4. You must upload a 3rd Party Logins Upload file to Edline. The format is:



  • You cannot use more than one Google Apps domain per district. If you have multiple Google Apps domains, you must choose one domain to use. As result, it may limit the included schools or included user types, which must be taken into account when starting a comprehensive account activation plan.
  • Individual user accounts (including Gmail and Google drive) are not able to be activated, as they are not a part of the district's/school's Google Apps domain.
  • Not all users in a district are likely to have Google Apps logins. For example, parents are unlikely to have these logins and will need to be activated via other means.
  • There is currently no direct LiveLink support for 3rd party uploads, but they can be scheduled and uploaded as a Miscellaneous upload file.
  • The Google Apps account integration is a separate feature from both the Google Apps Hall Pass link and the Google Drive integration. The Hall Pass link is not intended to be used at the same time as Google Apps logins and activations.

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Activation via Email

The Activation via Email method allows your district/school to upload your users' email addresses to accounts via Contact Information Uploads. Instead of receiving a hard-copy Activation Code sheet or mail-merge letter, your users will instead receive an email with a link that allows them to access the normal account activation process.


  • You must upload the users to Edline.
  • You must upload the contact information including email addresses to Edline.

How to Use Activation Emails to Activate Edline Accounts

  1. Create a Contact Info data file.

    You must be able to create the prerequisite Contact Information Upload File — Standard User Contact Information Upload (es_cti_03). Creating this file will require assistance from personnel familiar with database exports from your Student Information System (SIS).

  2. Setup LiveLink or the SIS Tools to upload the Contact Info data file.

    You must setup LiveLink or SIS Tools to send the file to Edline (unless your district/school plans to activate accounts rarely, in which case you can use the occasional Quick Sync upload).

  3. Customize the Activation Email text. (Optional).

    You can customize the text in the Activation Email, and decide whether to allow replies and to which email address. You can create either a single customized message at the district which is used for all emails, or customize the message per school. If emails are sent to one or more schools from the district level, the district message will be used (even if one or more schools have their own message customized).

  4. Send the Activation Emails.

    You must manually initiate the sending of the Activation Emails through the Manage District or Manage School page.


  • There is no way to determine whether an email has been successfully received or not. However, you can set a reply-to email address for returned messages.
  • Users who have not activated their accounts will receive a new email each time Activation Emails are sent. If they opt out, future messages will stop.
  • Emails are currently sent only in HTML, with no alternate plain-text version included.
  • Contact information cannot be uploaded to auto-created parents if more than one parent is present. As a result, schools may either wait to create the second parent until after an email has been associated with the first, or may choose to use the print activation codes method in this scenario.

Activation via Hard-Copy of Printed Codes

Activation Codes as printed hard-copies are the traditional method of Edline account distribution, where a twelve-digit code is given to the user. This code is entered during the account activation process and replaced with a Screen Name and Password of the user’s choice. Activation codes are distributed in many ways, including printed strips of paper, customized mail-merge letters sent in postal mailings, in-person in the classroom, or by request through a designated contact at the school via email or a phone call.


  • You must have the users uploaded to Edline.

How to Use Activation Codes

Besides printing the activation codes through the Manage District or Manage School page, there is no additional setup required. However, distributing thousands of activations codes can be a difficult and costly process for districts/schools.


  • The least effective method for distributing the codes.

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