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Google Apps IDs

Any students and teachers with Google Apps accounts setup for your district will be able to sign into Edline using their Google Apps user name and password — less sign-on information to remember!

Do not set Google App IDs for user authentication if your district/school integrates Google Apps with Edline. The two features use different ways of authenticating and the two methods will interfere with each other.

This feature will not be available to all customers initially.

Before you upload the Google Apps IDs, delete old students (irrelevant accounts) with the Delete Users not in Previous Upload feature. See Delete Former Students and Classes.

How Your District Can Setup Google Apps with Edline

Google+ allows customers with a Google Apps domain and accounts to log into Edline with their Google Apps account once a connection has been established between the two. This section steps a system administrator through the connection process.

  1. Contact your Edline representative to enable the Google+ Sign In feature for your district.

    The representative will set the Manage Login information for your district, which will require you to provide the name of the domain you use for Google Apps. Only one domain can be added per district.

  2. You will need to upload your users to Edline as you normally would. (To learn more, see Upload School Setup Files.)
  3. Delete old students (irrelevant accounts) with the Delete Users not in Previous Upload feature. (To learn more, see Delete Former Students and Classes.)
  4. After you upload your users to Edline, you will need to upload the OpenID information to Edline using the Quick Sync feature.

    See the 3rd Party Logins Upload Text File Format in the next section for the fields needed in this file.

    • From the Tools menu on your Edline district/school website, select Quick Sync.
    • Select the file that contains the Google Apps data from the File to Upload field.
    • Select 3rd Party Logins Upload from the Type of Data field.
    • Click Sync. The system will synchronize the Google Apps information to the Edline user accounts.
  5. Let your users (most likely your teachers and students) to select the School Login option when they log into Edline.

    When they login through Google Apps, the Edline website will refresh and the user will be logged in to view their own classes and groups.

    Only users with Google Apps accounts can be activated to use Edline through this method. Users without a Google Apps account at your school, such as parents, will need to be activated through Edline.

3rd Party Logins Upload Text File Format

The 3rd Party Logins Upload text file contains the following fields (quotation marks " preferred but not required). All fields must be present in the file. Blank fields are acceptable but missing fields are not.


School ID(Required for uploading more than one school, such as for district uploads. Blanks are acceptable for single schools.) — School number or unique identifier (of the school) of which the user is a member.

UserID (Required) — The unique identification code of the user in the school’s student information system. The user ID must be unique, even across user types. The integration requires user IDs to be globally unique across the district, and not just the school. If your system uses the same IDs for users of different types (for example, there could be a teacher “003” as well as a student “003”) you must change one of the user IDs to be different. This step can be accomplished by adding a character that indicates the user type (for example, “T_003” vs. “003”).

GoogleAppsEmailAddress (Required) — The email address (login information) for Google Apps. This field must contain the full login name including the domain.

LastName (Required) — User’s last name.

How Users Can Log into Edline Using Google Apps

Students and teachers can log into Edline using their Google Apps sign-in information.

  1. Click the Sign In option from the Edline menu bar at your district/school website.
  2. Click the School Login option to sign-on through Google Apps.
  3. Type your Google Apps email address in the Email field.
  4. Type your Google Apps password in the Password field.
  5. Click Sign in.

The district/school Edline website will refresh with your personal information.

Best Practices for Open ID Connect

Always actively sign-out of Google Apps.
Users should actively sign-out even if they are signed out of Edline. Always make sure to logout of computer sessions when on shared computers as a best practice.

Q. How does logging into Edline via Google work?

Edline uses the Open ID framework. During setup, your district or school will do the following:

  1. Enable the use of Open ID in an Administrative area.
  2. Upload users’ Google Apps User Identifiers to Edline. The last name in Google must match the last name in Edline when a user first logs into Edline.
  3. Users just need to sign into Edline once and they’ll automatically be activated.

Q. Can a user link multiple Google Apps accounts to the same Edline account?

At this time you cannot link two Google User Identifiers to one Edline account. In the example described above, this person would need to keep their two Edline accounts separate.

Q. Can personal Gmail account be used for Open ID Connect integration?

Personal Gmail accounts cannot be used for Open ID Connect integration. Edline’s Google Apps OpenID integration is for district-managed Google Apps accounts only.

Q. What happens if users forget their screen name or password?

Users should follow password reset procedures set by your district or school, or procedures set by Google.

Q. What information does Google share?

When you sign into Edline using your Google Account, we may ask Google for basic information such as the name and email address associated with your account.

Q. What if my users already have both an activated Edline account and a Google Apps account? Can I combine that information?

They can log into Edline either way then — upload the 3rd Party OpenIDs with their information and they will be able to login through Google Apps.