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Print User Activation Codes

Super users can print the user activation codes and distribute them to school users so they can create sign-in information. Notify your users, especially students and their parents, of how they are to use the activation codes. Print the Letter to Parents to send to parents. Also refer them to the Activate My Account topic.

Your school can greatly increase the number of users that will activate their Edline accounts:
Print activation codes and hand them out to parents during parent School Night, when parents register their students for classes, buy books, pay tuition, or attend sporting events or other school activities.
Alert your local media to remind parents about activating their Edline accounts.
Have teachers print out their students activation codes and pass them out in class to remind students to activate their accounts.

How to Print the Activation Codes

  1. Only a super user can print activation codes for the entire school.
  2. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then select Manage Users to open the User List page.
  3. Search or filter the Manage Users List page for the specific activation codes to print.
  4. Check the users to include.
  5. Select Print Codes from the list in the Codes menu.
  6. Select Group students and their parents separately to print the activation codes for students and their parents on separate slips. Click Next when ready.

    It is highly recommended that you print the parents and students separately so students will not accidentally activate their parents account. You should also encourage students to activate their accounts in your school’s computer lab class.

  7. Determine how to display the activation codes by selecting one of the following options:
    • Select As a web page I can print out to display a web page of the activation codes.
    • Select As data I can copy into a mail merge program to create a data file of the activation codes. See the Create Mail Merge procedure.
  8. Click Print when finished.
  9. Click Done.