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Blackboard Help

Manage Content

District and school super users can add the same content as any teacher, coach, or other staff member, but you will be able to create content from anywhere on the website including on the homepage or your district and school website. Different types of content you can add include:

  • Groups to create separate webpages within your school website for classes, sports, clubs, departments, or activities.
  • Documents to create assignments for teachers, hand-outs for classes, any file attachments, images, or information.
  • Folders to organize documents, files, other folders, or groups on your Edline website.
  • Links to create hyperlinks to other websites or to other locations within your Edline website.
  • News to create news updates for your school.
  • Calendars to create events to appear on your school calendar.
  • Blogs to create articles that other users can comment on.
  • Discussions to create an online discussion board.
  • RSS Feeds to create a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) news feed displaying content from other websites on your Edline web page.
  • Forms to create a form for users to fill-out online so the school can download responses.
    (Available only if your school has the Forms and Surveys module.)
  • Surveys to create online questionnaires.
    (Available only if your school has the Forms and Surveys module.)

How to Add Content

  1. Most of the content for your website can be created by opening the webpage or folder where you want the content, and clicking the Edit This Page button from the menu bar to access the edit mode.
  2. After selecting edit mode, click the Add an item to this box File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/addicon.jpg icon in the section of the webpage (school, class, group, or folder) where you want to add content.
  3. Most content can be updated by clicking the Edit item in list File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/editinlisticon.jpg icon.