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Upload Media Files

Using the Edline multi-file upload feature, you can easily add pictures, audio files, and other types of files by uploading the content to your website. This feature saves you time when designing new pages of your website that require multiple files created from other programs. Some uses for the multi-file upload feature include:

  • Districts can upload all their existing copies of meeting minutes, budget records, and district newsletters (added at the district level by the district super user).
  • Schools can upload all their existing forms, school newsletters, and picture galleries from past events (added at the school level by the school super user).
  • Teachers can upload the files available on their teacher edition CDs, electronic copies of assignments, and any audio files for language arts assignments (added at the class page by the teacher).
  • Coaches can upload copies of exercise routines, and sports regulations.

You can upload up to twenty-five (25) files at once. The uploaded files must be less than 30 MB each in size.

How to Add Multiple Existing Files (Pictures, Audio, Other)

  1. Open the webpage or folder where you want to upload multiple files.

    If you add an image file to Edline via the File import method, the image will be added at its “raw” form and not as a thumbnail as in the Picture method.

  2. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the edit mode.
  3. Hover over the section you want to upload the files to, and click the Add an item to this box File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/020_Documents/050_Upload_Multiple_Media_Files/addicon.jpg icon to access the Add Item Type pallet.
  4. Select File for any file type (including Word document or PDF), Picture for an image file, or Audio for an audio file.
  5. In the Upload box, click Pick Files to select the files for your upload.

    To upload multiple files, press the Ctrl key while selecting the file names.

  6. Enter a title and a summary for each file (optional) in the Title and Summary boxes.
  7. Click Start Upload to upload the files.
  8. Click Done when finished.

    To add the files to more than one location, copy the content to the other webpages. For example, if teachers have multiple classes of the same subject they teach and want the content to be available in all class pages, you can copy the content to all other locations at once.