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Edline folders are designed to be used just as you use folders on your computer to organize information. The folder can contain different types of documents, links, or groups. For example, a science teacher can create a folder called Class Field Trips that contains photos, discussions, and videos of field trips.

How to Add Folders to Your Website

  1. Open the webpage or folder where you want to add an additional folder.
  2. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the edit mode.
  3. Hover over the section where you want to add the folder, and click the Add an item to this box File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/030_Folders/addicon.jpg icon to access the Add Item Type pallet.
  4. Select Folder to access the Create Folder page.
  5. Type the title of the folder in the Folder Name box. This name will appear on the website.
  6. Type a brief summary for the folder in the Folder Description box.
  7. Optional – Make any changes to the folder policies, members and permissions, or visibility:
  8. Click Save and Return to add the folder.
  9. Click Done to exit the edit mode.

Once you have created a folder, you can add content to it.