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Import iCal Events

This feature is only available to super users at the district or school level.

If your district or school uses another calendar to plan events, you can export the data using the iCal file format and import the information into Edline for the Edline school calendar.

Restrictions on the types of data that will be imported include:

  • All single daily events are imported.
  • Recurring events will be imported as single daily events.
  • Some recurring events will not be supported such as a once-a-year event, recurring events where the start and end time expands several days, recurring events that are on a specific date of the month such as the 5th of every month, and any recurring events that have rules attached.

How to Export Data

Follow the instructions provided by Apple to export your calendar events into the iCal file. The file will end with ICS.

How to Import the Calendar Data to Edline

  1. Open the webpage or folder for the calendar where you want to import the calendar data.
  2. From the menu bar on the homepage in Edline, select Tools, and then Quick Sync to access the Quick Sync page.
  3. Click Browse to find the upload file in the File to Upload box.
  4. Select the iCalendar upload (.ics) option.
  5. Click Sync to upload the data and display results.