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Download Edline Events to Other Calendars

The Edline calendar events can be downloaded to the iCal® format which you can import into various email client calendars, such as Google’s® or Yahoo’s® calendar feature, which can then be accessed by many mobile devices. This new format will allow students, parents, teachers, and other members of your community to view events on their mobile devices.

Your school’s calendar will be constantly changing — remember to download the calendar on a regular basis and upload the information to your email client calendar for your mobile device.

How to Download Calendar Events

This set of instructions uses the Google calendar feature as a location to view the Combined Calendar through your mobile device. Instructions may differ depending on which web-based email client calendar you use.

  1. From the Edline menu bar, select My Edline and then My Combined Calendar under My Contents to open the Combined Calendar.

    Parents, in the For field, select the All Students Combined option so you can download all your children’s schedules at once.

  2. Click Export. Save the file to a location you can access on your PC.

    You can also select List Items from the Combined Calendar and check specific events to download, and then click Download.

  3. Log into your email client (such as your Google Gmail® account), and access your calendar.
  4. Access your calendar’s settings.

    In Google, next to the calendar name, select Settings from the drop-down list.

  5. Click Import Calendar and select the calendar file you saved from the Combined Calendar download.
  6. Save the calendar to your email client’s calendar (such as Google or Yahoo).

When you access your email client account through your mobile device, you will be able to view the calendar.

If you have your client calendars synced to your email account set for your mobile device, your mobile device’s calendar application will most likely automatically include your Combined Calendar events. It may depend on your device, the actual email client you use, your mobile device application, and your device’s settings.