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Blackboard Help

Set Up an On-Screen Alert

The district or school super user can create an alert. While it is possible to have multiple alerts enabled at the same time, it is NOT recommended. Multiple alerts will all appear on one message, diluting its effectiveness.

The On-Screen Alert will NOT be blocked by any pop-up blockers in a browser. So anyone accessing your website will be able to view the message.

How to Add an Alert

Watch a Tutorial

Adding an On-Screen Alert

  1. From the Tools menu, select On-Screen Alerts. The Resource List will appear.

    Image illustrating associated text

  2. Click Add to create a new alert, or click Edit next to an existing alert to reuse the text from a previous message. You configure the message using the On-Screen Alert Setup page.
  3. Create the message.
    • Type the Title for the message.
    • Type the Message in the text box. You can format the text as needed using the toolbar.
  4. Select who will see the message and when.
    • If you want to change who can view the message, click the Edit Visibility Setting link.

      You can restrict who will see the message. The message does default to allow all users, including visitors, to view the message.

    • Select how long the message will be available to users from the Display for the next drop-down list.
    • Click the Enable Message option to activate the On-Screen Alert.

    Click Preview Message to preview the message before enabling the alert.

  5. Select which schools will display the message in the Set Additional Locations area. A district super user can select multiple schools.
  6. If your district/school has the K12-Central mobile product, select whether or not to push the message to all mobile devices.
    • To send the message to mobile devices, select Send Push Notification.
    • To not send the message, select Do Not Send Push Notification.
  7. Click Save when finished.

Remember to set the message as Enable Message to turn on the alert. You can stop the alert by clicking the Disable Message option.