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Restore Gradebooks

This topic has been creating specifically for GradeQuick Web users. Super users (Gradebook Managers, system administrators) can restore a previous gradebook for a teacher.

GradeQuick Web automatically creates a backup of a teachers gradebook by placing a copy of it in the Recycle Bin of the Edline class webpage at the end of each day the teacher uses the gradebook. With Edline you can restore any content you deleted up to 90 days from the day of the deletion. The items will be placed in the Recycle Bin which is accessible through the Tools menu Manage Class.

All gradebooks in the Recycle Bin lists the modified date and time, so that you can select the correct version of a gradebook. Should a teacher inadvertently delete a column of grades, delete memos, or did something else to the current gradebook, a previous version of the gradebook can be restored to be used as the current gradebook from the Recycle Bin.

Edline stores a maximum of 30 deleted gradebooks in the Recycle Bin. At the end of 90 days, or if more than 30 books have been backed up, the Recycle Bin will automatically remove the gradebooks starting with the oldest books first.

Any private reports (grade reports, conduct reports, attendance, etc.) will not be available in the Recycle Bin. You will need to upload the reports back to Edline if you deleted them. The precaution has been set so private reports could not be duplicated.

Corrupt Gradebook — Teacher Receives an Alert Message when Opening Gradebook

If a teacher contacts you after receiving an error when starting GradeQuick Web, they might have a corrupt gradebook which you will need to delete and restore with a previous version. How can you tell which of the many gradebooks a teacher has is corrupt Many times the corrupt one is the only gradebook to show. That gradebook is the starting point for restoring a working copy from the Recycle Bin in order to replace the corrupt gradebook.

How to Restore a Gradebook

  1. Access the gradebook view in Edline:
    • From the Tools menu, select Teacher Gradebooks to access the list of teachers and their gradebooks.
    • Click View next to the teacher with the problem gradebook.
    • From the My Edline menu, select the teacher’s class that is having the gradebook issue.
  2. Select the gradebooks you want to restore:
    • From the Tools menu, select Manage Class.
    • Click Recycle Bin from the Management area to access the Recycle Bin page.
    • Select the gradebook you want to un-delete, and click Restore. You will most likely select the most recent gradebook — the last gradebook the teacher used before any issues started.
    • Click OK after the selected items have been restored. This gradebook will be placed back into the *Gradebooks folder.
  3. Test the gradebook in GradeQuick Web.
    Open the teacher’s gradebooks and verify that the data is included in the restored gradebook. The restored gradebooks will have the recycle bin date attached to the name. If the missing data is not included in the restored gradebook, repeat the process until you find a gradebook that includes the data.
  4. Once you find the correct restored gradebook for the teacher, delete the problem gradebook from Edline.
    • Access the teacher’s class page in Edline, and from the Tools menu, select Manage Class.
    • Click *Gradebooks in the Management area to access the Gradebooks page.
    • Select the gradebooks you do not want to appear in GradeQuick Web, and click Delete.
  5. From the Gradebooks page, rename the restored gradebook to remove the date from the name.
    • Click Edit for the specific gradebook and remove the date from the name. Do NOT remove the gradebook file extension (.gbk).
    • Click Save when finished.

Now the teacher will be able to use the gradebook when they open GradeQuick Web.