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End of Semester/Year

Do NOT complete semester transitions or upload the next semester’s classes until your district/school is ready to begin the new semester.

What Happens During Semester/Year Transitions for Gradebook Users?

When a new semester or school year occurs, your district or school super user needs to upload the list of classes and students that will be available during the new period. Your teachers need gradebooks that match the list of classes and students available in Edline. By completing the semester or yearly transitions, the school roster (class, teacher, student combination) will be available in both Edline and your gradebook program.

Before launching into the procedural steps for semester and year transitions, this topic provides a synopsis of what happens during the transition for those schools using Edline web-based gradebooks.

Class Changes in Edline for Schools Using an Edline Web-Based Gradebook

Before uploading the data for the next semester, the person responsible for uploading school data must set the Currently Active Period option in Edline to reflect the marking period for which the data is being uploaded. After the data is uploaded the school super user can determine which semester’s gradebook links are available for teachers on the Tools menu.

When a district or school super user uploads the classes for the next semester in Edline, the following changes occur:

  • The previous semester classes will be marked as past (old) in the Class list available at each school.
  • The next semester classes will be marked with the semester number (for example, 2 for the second semester) after their class ID. Edline will automatically create the new class pages for the next semester.
  • Yearlong classes will be denoted as YR after their class IDs. Their Edline class pages will not change for the next semester. The same class page will remain in use for the whole year.

Edline Changes for Students, Parents, and Teachers

When students, parents, and teachers sign into Edline after the semester/year transition upload and after the Currently Active Period is set, the classes available in their My Classes and Shortcuts menu will be the next semester and any yearlong class pages, not the previous semester pages. Students and parents can view their previous grades with the Private Reports feature, even though they will no longer have access to the old class pages.

Teachers can copy their previous semester class page materials to the new semester using the Old Class Material feature.

Gradebook Changes for Teachers

Teachers will be able to access their next semester gradebooks from a link under the Tools menu. This link will be available only after the school’s data has been uploaded to the new semester and the super user has set the new semester’s Edit Mode to View.

If teachers are still finishing the previous semester’s gradebooks with final grades, the school’s super user can also set the previous semester gradebook link in the Tools menu to be viewed by teachers. As a result, both the previous and new semester classes and gradebooks will be available. When the teachers are finished with the previous semester’s grades, the super user can hide the past semester.

Special Note about Yearlong Classes: For teachers with yearlong classes, their Edline class page and gradebook remain. During the second semester, the gradebook will reflect the students in the class at that time. So if students have left the class during the first semester, whether they left the first week of semester 1 or the last day of semester 1, they are marked as withdrawn.

Please backup any gradebook information before completing the end of semester or year procedures.