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Complete Yearly Transitions

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Please review this entire section before completing the end-of-year transition.

Complete the end of year procedures when you are ready to begin the next school year. The upcoming school year information will be available during the summer.

The following procedures are completed by the district or school super user. This section contains different procedures based on whether or not you use a gradebook software program.

If your school does NOT use a gradebook software program with Edline, then the school super user will first delete all classes on Edline manually to archive them, and then upload the latest data files. For instructions on recommended end-of-year procedures, see the Complete Yearly Transitions topic.

If your school uses an Edline web-based gradebook, such as GradeQuick (GQ) or Easy Grade Pro (EGP), there are specific procedures that district super users, school super users, and teachers need to follow at the end of a semester and the end of the year. Your school or district should make sure all data has been properly backed up before starting the end-of-semester or end-of-year procedures. You will also have to set the currently active periods with the Scheduling Periods feature.

Please backup any gradebook information before completing the end of semester or year procedures.