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Edline with GradeQuick Web

Complete the End of Year procedures when you are ready to begin the next school year. The upcoming school year information will be available during the summer.

Before you begin, it is important that you do NOTdelete classes or teacher accounts:
Do NOT Delete Last Year’s Classes — Do not manually delete last year’s classes. Your classes (and gradebooks) are automatically archived for you in a special manner and associated with the proper semester for easy retrieval later.
Do NOT Delete Teachers During Transitions — Never delete teacher accounts on Edline, unless the teacher has absolutely, permanently left the school and will not be returning to ANY school in your district. When a teacher is deleted, all of their old class materials will be permanently deleted as well. District teachers who are leaving one school for another will need to combine their Edline accounts, copy over old class materials, and copy documents from their old file lockers before they are deleted from the original school. Wait a few months into the semester before deleting the teachers to allow them to copy all of their necessary materials to their new school.

If your school uses GradeQuick, you must sign into Edline as the super user or gradebook manager. Complete the following steps for the end-of-the-year procedures.

Step 1: Back Up Gradebooks (Blackboard Recommended Step)

To retain an electronic, local copy of the gradebooks for future reference, use Site Manager (see Managing and Customizing GradeQuick Web document) to download the teacher’s gradebooks from the web to your network.

If you have LiveLink (see the LiveLink section of the Administrative Setup Guide documentation), this product will allow you to set the procedure to run automatically.

You can also see the LiveLink documentation for more information.

Edline automatically retains the last gradebook used for each GradeQuick class.

Step 2: Turn Off GradeQuick

Before you can clear any old data, and setup for any new data, you must be sure that teachers are NOT currently using GradeQuick.

  • Sign into Edline as an Edline super user, or a Gradebook Manager.
  • From the Tools menu, select Teacher Gradebooks.
  • Click Disable for GradeQuick Web.

Step 3: Make the New Year/Semester Available and Set the Currently Active Period

For more information about semesters and currently active periods, see the Complete Semester Transitions topic. Super users at the district level will need to complete these steps for each school.

  • Sign into Edline as an Edline super user.
  • From the school’s homepage menu bar in Edline, select Tools, and then Manage School for the Manage School page.
  • In the School Management area, click Scheduling Periods to access the Scheduling Periods page.
  • Click Add (next school year) Year. The next school year for this field will be available during the summer before the next year begins but after the last one ends.
  • Type add in the confirmation dialog.
  • From the School Year box, select the next school year.
  • For each semester, set the appropriate viewing capabilities by completing the following instructions:
    • For the new semester, select View from the Edit Mode menu.
    • For the previous semesters, if the new semester has started, select Hide from the Edit Mode menu for the previous semesters. If teachers are still finishing their previous semester gradebooks, you can keep both semesters set to View, and then set the semester no longer used to Hide later.
  • Set the new semester number in the Currently Active Period box.
  • Click Save to update the year and semester.

Attention District Super Users: You must access each school in your district to add the new school year and set the visibility to the gradebook link before you can complete the uploads to your schools. You must also set the new Currently Active Period.

Step 4: Clear User Settings

Clear all of the teachers’ personal settings, such as report configurations, view settings, and gradebook preferences.

  • Sign into Edline as an Edline super user, or a gradebook manager.
  • From the Tools menu, select Teacher Gradebooks for the list of teachers’ pages.
  • Select Show All from the view display to list all the teachers.
  • Click Select All to select all of the teachers.
  • Select Delete GradeQuick Web User Settings.
  • Type delete in the confirmation dialog.
  • Click OK for the confirmation.

Step 5: Review and Customize GradeQuick Settings

  • Sign into Edline as an Edline super user, or a gradebook manager.
  • From the Tools menu, run GradeQuick, then the GradeQuick Setup Wizard.

See the Administrative Setup Guide for detailed instructions on reviewing and customizing GradeQuick settings.

  • Pay close attention to setting the first day of school and the term start dates.
  • Click Save to save all settings.

If you make any customizations other than those performed while running the wizard, you will need to use the Options->Save settings function.

Step 6: Review Settings Blocked with SiteManager

The SiteManager tool enables super users to restrict teachers from making changes to selected GradeQuick features.

  • Review the settings by selecting SiteManager from the GradeQuick menu, and then Set Permissions for Options.

See the Managing and Customizing GradeQuick Web documentation for more detailed information.

Step 7: Clear Out Transfer Shared Options

Use SiteManager to clear any midyear transferred changes.

  • Sign into Edline as an Edline super user, or a Gradebook Manager.
  • Launch GQWeb (GradeQuick) for the new semester.
  • Select SiteManager and then Transfer Shared Options.
  • Clear any options that were previously selected.
  • Click Save and Quit to save all settings.

See the SiteManager section of the Managing and Customizing GradeQuick Web documentation for more information.

Step 8: Upload New School Year Data

Be certain you have already followed Step 3 to set the currently active period first, and then upload all the new school files.

Your district/school may use automatic tools that upload the information.

The yearly transition is a great opportunity to delete former students. See the Delete Former Students and Classes topic. For districts that matriculate users to other schools within the district, be sure to upload the user information for all of your schools before deleting former students.

Step 9: Turn GradeQuick on for Teachers, Print and Distribute Activation Codes for New Teachers

  • Sign into Edline as an Edline super user, or a Gradebook Manager.
  • From the Tools menu, select Teacher Gradebooks to access the Gradebooks page.
  • Click Enable for GradeQuick Web.
  • Complete the instructions in the Activation Codes topic.

Step 10: Inform Teachers about Old Class Materials and Rolling Over Calendar Dates

Teachers can take advantage of Edline’s archiving features by reusing old materials, including calendars. Teachers can easily rollover the calendar dates for the new school year.