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Edline and No Gradebooks

Complete the End of Year procedures when you are ready to begin the next school year. The upcoming school year information will be available during the summer.

If your school uses Edline but does not use GradeQuick Web or Easy Grade Pro Web for gradebooks, complete the following steps for the end-of-the-year procedures. Before you begin, it is important that you do NOT delete teacher accounts:
Do NOT Delete Teachers During Transitions — Never delete teacher accounts on Edline, unless the teacher has absolutely, permanently left the school and will not be returning to ANY school in your district. When a teacher is deleted, all of their old class materials will be permanently deleted as well. District teachers who are leaving one school for another will need to combine their Edline accounts, copy over old class materials, and copy documents from their old file lockers before they are deleted from the original school. Wait a few months into the semester before deleting the teachers to allow them to copy all of their necessary materials to their new school.

Step 1: Manually Delete All of Your Classes But DO NOT Delete Users

Delete all of your previous year’s classes in case a different teacher teaches a class with an existing class ID. By deleting all the classes, your teachers will receive brand new teacher webpages for the upcoming year. Every teacher’s old class material will be automatically archived by Edline whenever a class is deleted. As a result, teachers cans still reuse their online content from last year in the new teacher web pages.

  • From the Home menu, click the Classes link for the Classes Directory List page.
  • Select Show All from the view display to list all the classes.
  • Click Select All to select all of the classes.
  • Click Delete to delete all of the old classes.

Step 2: Immediately Upload Your New Users and Classes

As soon as you can, upload your new users and classes. Teachers will be able to work on their teacher class pages early, even before student rosters have been determined.

If your Student Information System (SIS) changes User IDs for any reason as a part of the year end transition (meaning the user stays in the system with the same name but different ID), CONTACT BLACKBOARD'S EDLINE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

The yearly transition is a great opportunity to delete former students. To learn more, see Delete Former Students and Classes. For districts that matriculate users to other schools within the district, be sure to upload the user information for all of your schools before deleting former students

Step 3: Inform Teachers about Old Class Materials and Rolling Over Calendar Dates

Teachers can take advantage of Edline’s archiving features by reusing old materials, including calendars. Teachers can easily rollover the calendar dates for the new school year.