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Website Traffic

District and school super users or IT administrators can incorporate Google’s product, Google Analytics™, with Edline to review the website traffic for the webpages on your site. By using Google Analytics with Edline, you can access a dashboard report through Google’s website. The dashboard will display the number of visits on each web page, whether or not the visits have increased or decreased over time, and a chart of the traffic’s movement.

Note: For more information about Google Analytics, visit the software website at

How to Set Up Google Analytics™ with Edline

To implement Google Analytics with Edline, you will need to create a profile with Google and connect that profile with your Edline district and/or school website.

  1. Contact your Edline representative to enable your district or school to track your website through Google Analytics. The Edline representative will rollout the Enable tracking with Google Analytics policy.
  2. After the Edline representative enables this feature, access your Modify District/School page through the Edline menu bar by selecting Tools and then Modify District or Modify School.
  3. Click Manage Analytics available in the District/School Management section.
  4. Click Analytics Dashboard available in the Manage Analytics page. The link opens the Google Analytics website.
  5. Click Create an Account to create a customer profile for each individual school you want to track. See the Google Analytics website for additional help.
  6. Google will email you a verification of your profile. Activate the account by clicking on the link sent to you and complete the following steps:
    • Click the Continue link available on the Google Analytics website.
    • Click Sign Up.
    • Type your district or school’s website in the Website’s URL box. You can also add an account name in the Account Name box; select your location from the Time zone country or territory box; and select the time zone from the Time zone box.
    • Click Continue.
    • Type your contact information in the Last Name, First Name, and Country or territory boxes.
    • Click Continue.
    • Accept the Google Analytics agreement.
    • Click Create New Account.

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  7. Copy the code displayed in the following format — UA-XXXXXXXX-X.
  8. Paste the code in the Profile IDs box of the Manage Analytics page in Edline, and click Add.
  9. Add the profile IDs for each school to track. Click Done when finished.

    It may take Google Analytics up to 48 hours to provide you with an initial dashboard report. Once you have set up the profiles, you can access the Google Analytics website and login to view the website traffic for your Edline website.

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For details on how to use the Google Analytics feature, access Google’s online Help.