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Manage Course Requests

If your school is using the Edline Course Request feature, students will be able to request courses for future terms through Edline. The district or school’s super user or course request manager is responsible for maintaining courses available for students, but teachers, counselors, and other staff can be assigned roles to facilitate the process and help students make choices. The super user will upload the course catalog for students to select and download the course requests when the students have finished their submissions. Either the super user or course request manager can enable students to submit course requests.

The Course Request feature is an Edline add-on feature. Your district or school’s IT representative will need to contact Blackboard's Edline Support to see if adding this feature is possible with your Student Information System (SIS).

How to Access Course Requests

You can access Course Requests from the Tools menu on any webpage. Depending on your user role, you will see the Modify Course Request, Manage Course Requests, or Recommend Courses option in the Tools menu.

  • When the super user selects Manage Course Requests from the Tools menu, the Manage Course Request page appears allowing the super user to upload the course catalog, download student submissions, and enable or disable the ability for students to request courses. By clicking the Enable or Edit Course Requests button, super users access the User List page where they can select which student requests or recommendations to edit.
  • When other staff who have been assigned permissions select Recommend Courses or Modify Course Requests from their Tools menu, they will have the ability to edit student recommendations or requests by selecting the students from the User List page.
  • Students and parents can access the Course Request feature through their My Edline menu by selecting Course Requests. Parents can view the selections, but not make selections.

For a new semester or school year, you must clear the old course catalog and requests before uploading the new information.

What is the Difference between a Course Recommendation and a Course Request?

A course recommendation is just that — a recommendation made to the student by a school staff member, usually their current teacher. Posting recommendations to the student’s Course Request page helps students, parents, and advisor/counselors choose the right courses for the next year.

A course request is literally the official list of courses requested for the student’s upcoming schedule. Only if a course recommendation is upgraded to a course request will it be included in the student’s request list that is exported to the Student Information System’s (SIS) scheduling software that your school uses to arrange schedules for next year.

Course Recommenders and Course Request Managers

The school super user can mark different school staff as course recommenders or course request managers. Most likely, course recommenders would be teachers that would recommend whether or not the student should go on to the next level class for the subject or take a special course. A course request manager would be a guidance counselor or department head that can both recommend and change recommendations made by teachers. They can also make requests for students and change requests students had made. The course requestor finalizes the course requests for the student’s upcoming semester or year schedule. The course requestor cannot upload or download course catalogs — only the school’s super user completes these tasks.