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Upload Course Catalog

If your school uses Edline’s Course Request feature, the super user will need to upload the course catalog to Edline. When you’re configuring the course request system for the first time, uploading the course catalog will be your first step, along with setting the user permissions to access the course request submissions page. When updating the course catalog throughout the year, you must first clear the current catalog before uploading a new one. It is not advisable to clear the catalog until all the student requests have been submitted.

How to Upload a Course Catalog

Only the school’s super user can upload a course catalog.

  1. From menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then select Manage Course Requests.
  2. From the Manage Course Requests page, click Upload New Catalog to access the Quick Sync function.
  3. Search for the File to Upload by clicking Browse to access the Microsoft Choose File to Upload dialog.
  4. Select Course Catalog in Type of Data box.
  5. Click Sync to start the upload.

    The system will display any errors and number of records uploaded.

  6. Click OK when finished.