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Hall Pass for Single Sign On

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When a school or district website integrates with another website, students, parents, teachers, and other staff members appreciate a seamless connection to that site, and don’t want to stop to once again enter a user name and password. The Hall Pass feature lets your users enter their sign-on information to the other websites directly from your school’s Edline website to save the information. Then, they can access the other website directly from Hall Pass without needing to enter that information again.

The Hall Pass feature is currently available for district-level single sign-on only. The district must setup Hall Pass for the schools.

The following third-party tools are supported in the Hall Pass feature:

How to Enable the Hall Pass Feature

Before students, parents, teachers, and other users of your school website can use the Hall Pass feature, district super users must first setup the Hall Pass feature. You can manage the single sign-on for a selection of SIS (Student Information System) tools, and other teacher tools and learning centers. For any third-party tool to be available to your end-users through the My Hall Pass feature, if must first be enabled at the district-level.

Watch a Tutorial

Setting Up the District Hall Pass

  1. Select District Hall Pass from the Tools menu.
  2. Click on the tab that contains the specific tool you want to activate.
  3. Select the name of the product to activate.
  4. Click the Activate link. Additional fields may appear requesting the specific activation information for the corresponding product.
  5. Type any additional information, such as a login URL or a universal login password, as required.
  6. Click Save after each product activation.

    When needed, a link to additional documentation for setup instructions for the specific third party website will be available.

  7. Click Done when finished.

After you activate each website, your school users (teachers, staff, students, and/or parents) will be able to use the My Hall Pass option available in the My Edline menu. In most cases, the first time they access a tool through My Hall Pass, they will need to enter their own sign-on information if required.