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Rediker Administrator Plus

Many districts and schools using Rediker Administrator Plus Web Parent Portal so parents and guardians can access their children's grades, attendance, class schedules, and school invoices. An integration between Rediker’s Administrator Plus (APWeb) program and Edline has been designed to create a single sign-on capability. By setting up the single sign-on connection, parents will be able to access Administrator Plus directly through the Edline website without having to constantly re-enter their login credentials while moving between the two applications.

Before  parents of your school website can access Administrator Plus through the Edline website, the district Hall Pass feature must first be setup by the district super user. For any third-party tool to be available to your end-users through the My Hall Pass feature, if must first be enabled at the district-level.

How to Create a Hall Pass Connection to Administrator Plus

  1. Login as the district super user at the district website in Edline.
  2. Select District Hall Pass from the Tools menu.
  3. From the SIS tab, click APWeb Direct.
  4. Click Activate. Additional boxes appear requesting the specific activation information for Rediker’s Administrator Plus.
  5. Type the Login URL information. For Rediker/APWeb Direct, type the domain name that your district uses to log into Rediker/APWeb Direct. Do NOT type the entire URL.
  6. Type your Universal Login Password, as required. Enter the shared password that your district uses to log into Rediker/APWeb Direct. The connection needs to be enabled in APWeb Plus, and the shared password needs to be the same in both systems. Contact your support representative if additional information is required.
  7. Click Save to save the credentials.
  8. Done when finished.

Once you activate the website, your school users (parents and guardians) will be able to use the My Hall Pass option available in the My Edline menu.

How to Create a Link to Rediker Administrator Plus

To create an automatic sign-on to Administrator Plus from a school’s homepage in Edline, you will need to setup a link. District super users can create the link from the Links box on the district homepage and multi-post the link to the specific schools.

  1. On the district homepage, hover over the Links box click the Add Item addicon.jpg icon.
    If you do not have the Links box available on the homepage, click the View Page As viewasicon.jpg icon from your toolbar to open the Resource List page. Select Link from the drop-down and click the Add button.
  2. Type APWeb Direct as the Title and click Create Now.
  3. In the Link URL box, type the tag for the Rediker Administrator Plus application, including the brackets:
  4. Select View Link In a New Window When Clicked.
  5. In the Multiple Posting area, add the schools that will have the link.
  6. Click Save and Return.
    The Links box will contain your new APWeb Direct link on all the selected schools.