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Integrate Google Apps with Edline

For any districts or schools using both Edline and Google Apps, a new integration between the two programs has been designed to create a single sign-on capability through the Hall Pass feature. The district super user must first complete the following activities.

Please read all steps in entirety, as there are several steps unique to setting up SSO with Google. Please also note that this integration works if Edline is the Identity Provider (which means, users sign into Edline first, and then visit Google and not the other way around). In the future, we plan to support implementations where Google is the Identity Provider and Edline is the Service Provider.

Do not integrate Google Apps with Edline if your district/school uses Google App IDs for user authentication. The two features use different ways of authenticating and the two methods will interfere with each other. 

How to Upload Google Account IDs to Edline

Google Account IDs must be uploaded to Edline by the district using LiveLink, SIS Tools, or Quick Sync. You will need to create and upload a text file called google_(es_act_02).txt to Edline. If using Quick Sync, use the Miscellaneous Upload File upload type to upload the file.

The following is the upload format for the Google Apps file:


  • schoolid is the Edline school ID from your SIS (Student Information System).
    You can find this identification code in Edline by selecting Manage School from the Tools menu.
  • userid is the Edline system ID for the user ID.
    You can find this identification code in Edline by selecting Manage Users from the Tools menu.
  • “” – fill this column with quotes
  • <google> identifies this upload is for Google Apps
  • loginname is the Google email address for the person (such as

Blackboard highly recommends that the name of the file be: google_(es_act_02).txt.

How to Set Up District Hall Pass

  1. Login as the district super user at the district website in Edline.
  2. Select District Hall Pass from the Tools menu.
  3. From the Teaching/Learning tab, click Google Apps.
  4. Type the primary Domain Name that the district uses at Google Apps.
    Do not enter domain aliases or other alternate domains that may be setup in Google.
  5. Type a Default Google App that will be used when creating links to Google Apps.
    You can only enter one of the Google Apps as the opening application, such as mail or docs. This entry will not prohibit users from accessing the other applications in Google. It will just be used as the starting application.
  6. Save the changes.
    The link to the certificate file will appear.
  7. Click the link and save the certificate file to your computer.
    You will need it to setup the single sign-on in Google Apps.

How to Set Up Single Sign On (SSO) in Google

The following instructions including any images are subject to change since these steps are completed in Google.
Please consult the Google documentation for Set Up SSO (Single SignOn) at

  1. Login to Google Apps at
  2. Enter your school or district’s Google domain, select Admin Console, then click Go.
  3. Click the More Controls button at the bottom of the Google dashboard.
  4. Click Security and then Advanced Settings.
  5. Click Setup Single Sign On.
  6. Enter the appropriate URLs and upload your verification certificate.
    • In the Verification certificate area, upload the file that was saved in the District Hall Pass.
    • Select both Enable Single Sign-On and Use a domain specific issuer.
    • Ignore the Network masks box.
  7. Click Save Changes.

What Happens in My Hall Pass?

Parents and Alumni do not see Google Apps in My Hall Pass. For Admin, Teacher, Staff, and Student:

  • The user cannot enter their Google login ID manually into My Hall Pass.
  • If a Google ID has been uploaded, a message displays indicating that the user does not need to enter any info.
  • If a Google ID has not been uploaded, then the system will display a message indicating that there is a problem and that they will need to contact their system admin.

How to Create Links for Google Apps Outside of Hall Pass

  1. On the district homepage, hover over the Links box click the Add Item File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/210_SSO/120_Integrate_Google_Apps_with_Edline/addicon.jpg icon.
    If you do not have the Links box available on the homepage, click the View Page As File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/210_SSO/120_Integrate_Google_Apps_with_Edline/viewasicon.jpg icon from your toolbar to open the Resource List page. Select Link from the drop-down and click the Add button.
  2. Type Google Apps as the Title and click Create Now.
  3. In the Link URL box, type the tag for Google:
    • If the tag in the link document is <google>, then when you click it, the link should go to the default app that was defined in District Hall Pass.
    • It is also possible to create individual links to the various Google apps, by adding an Option at the end of the tag. The options currently support include:
      <google>mail — Gmail
      <google>calendar — Google Calendar
      <google>docs — Google Docs
      <google>drive — Google Drive
    • Other Google Apps may also work by adding the appropriate Google keyword after the tag, but we do not formally support them at this time.
  4. Click Save and Return.
    The Links section will contain your new Google link.